How Much Weight Can A Ladder Rack Hold? [Ultimate Calculation Guide]

How Much Weight Can A Ladder Rack Hold

In order to customize your truck with the right ladder rack, it is essential for you to know the weight it can carry.

If you want to load heavy objects and transfer them from one place to another, choosing the right ladder rack is important. I’ll provide you with 3 easy ways to calculate the weight you can carry on different motions. Let’s get started:

3 Easy Ways To Figure Out How Much Weight A Ladder Rack Can Hold:

This advice applies to all kinds of ladder racks be it cross-length ladder racks or full-length ladder racks. Here are the 3 easy ways to figure how much weight a ladder rack can hold:

1. Find The Weight Limit Your Truck Roof Can Hold:

You need to find the truck roof limit in 2 different methods:

  • Static-How much weight the truck can hold when it is not moving.
  • Onroad (dynamic) -How much weight the truck can hold when it is moving.

You can find the weight limit in the owner’s manual or the manufacturer’s website. The maximum weight limit for a car or SUV is 40 kg to 120 kg and it varies from country to country.

On the other hand, stronger trucks and pickups can hold weight up to 200 kg. The minimum room limit for any vehicle is 20kg.

2. Calculate The Ladder Rack Weight:

The ladder rack weight can be found on the manufacturer’s site, but mostly they do not update these important facts. The weight of the ladder rack includes the fittings as well. A steel ladder rack weighs around 45-100kgs and materials like alloys weigh around 25-50kgs.

For a static load, the truck can carry up to 3 times the original weight limit. For example: For a ladder rack limit of 120 kg, the truck can take 3 times 120×3= 360kgs. 

For an offroad limit, the original rack limit is divided by 1.5. Therefore, if the ladder rack weight limit is 100kg divided by 1.5= 66kg is the weight you can carry offroad. 

3. Simply Subtract The Ladder Rack Limit From Car Limit:

This is a very simple calculation to find out the weight your ladder rack can hold. Let us find out the on-road dynamic of weight limit:

If the Car Limit is =200 Kg

The Ladder Rack Weight=50kg

Therefore (200-50)kg = 150kg

150 kg is the roof load and vehicles with a weight capacity of 150 kg to 200kgs can safely carry this load while moving.

4 Types of Ladder Racks And Their Weight Capacity:

It is important to know the weight capacity of the ladder racks before you purchase them. Here a table is given below with relevant information on the 4 types of ladder racks and their weight capacity:

Ladder Rack TypeWeight CapacityVehicleCompatibility
Over-Cab500 kgDouble-DeckerUsed For Carrying Heavy Objects
Side Mount400 Kg-450kgTruckUsed For Both Medium And Heavy
Over-Bed200kg-250kgPick-Up VansUsed For carrying Lighter Or Narrow Materials
Van And Shell450-500kgTruck/VansUsed For Both Medium And Heavy

Some Common Questions:

What Is The Right Way To Distribute The Weight In A Ladder Rack?

You have to keep in mind that you can’t overload any corners of your ladder rack. The weight should be evenly distributed across the rack. This will help the vehicle to balance the weight and move in stable motion. Always make sure to double-check if the weight is properly distributed to avoid accidents.

Are There Any Fines For Dropping Equipment From A Ladder Rack?

Different states have different laws and the fine ranges from $20 to a maximum of $6000. Many accidents occurred due to the accidental dropping of equipment from the ladder rack. The government has imposed very strict laws to prevent such accidents.

What Is The Cost Of A Ladder Rack?

The cost of a ladder rack depends on the materials and the types that were mentioned above. The price range starts from $250 to up to $1000. The additional costs are for the accessories that are needed to fully utilize the ladder rack. You need an extra budget of around $100-$200 for the accessories.

When Should You Replace Your Ladder Racks?

You need to check and inspect thoroughly to find out the bolts, joints and screws have been damaged due to rust and carrying heavyweights. The ladder rack parts like the handle, latches, pads are getting weaker and loosening down.

In order to avoid serious accidents, you must immediately replace them if you figure out the signs.

How Do You Choose The Right Ladder Rack Weight For Your Vehicle?

There are few things that should be taken into considerations such as:

  • The highest weight limit your vehicle can hold.
  • Calculate the weight capacity and if you find it complicated ask an expert.
  • Make sure to study the features of the ladder racks before purchasing them.
  • Choosing the right materials is very important like aluminum is the most preferred option and it lasts for a long time.
  • Make sure to compare the safety ratings of the ladder racks.

Final Words:

There are few ladder racks that can hold weight up to 800 to 1000kgs, but that does not necessarily mean it is the perfect choice for you. Always calculate the weight capacity and I hope this article will help you understand the matters clearly.

For any questions and queries, write to me directly. Read my other articles to know more about ladders. 

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