How To Fix A Broken Attic Ladder? [The Best Way To Repair It]

How To Fix A Broken Attic Ladder

Due to use for an extended period of time, the wood of the attic ladder starts becoming decrepit, or it can be broken, right? As a result, it loses the capability to bear your body weight. However, an attic ladder can lead to injuries if it isn’t repaired correctly after the broken.

But many of us don’t know how to fix a broken attic ladder. There are also some of us who think that fixing a broken attic ladder is impossible. As a result, we replace instead of intending to fix it.

What rubbish you’re thinking, mate? Fixing a broken attic ladder is not a big deal if you know exactly how to do it. Nothing to worry about. Your expert friend is here to help you. In this article, I’ll present to you the best way to fix a broken attic ladder. So, don’t go anywhere without finishing this article:

7 Easy Steps To Fix A Broken Attic Ladder: Practically Proven Best Way

I already told you that it’s not a difficult task to fix a broken attic ladder. Your task will be easier when you follow the best way to do that. And that’s why here I come with the practically proven 7 easy steps that you should follow to fix your broken attic ladder in a short time:

Step-1: Start With The Access Panel:

An attic ladder is usually constructed with a set of folding wooden stairs and an access panel. First of all, open the access panel of the attic ladder that you want to repair. Generally, it is connected with the folded wood of your ladder. Make sure you are safe from harm if your ladder suddenly unfolds as you open the door.

Step-2: Ensure A Climbable Position:

Ensure the ladder is fully extended into a climbable position. You should point the ladder at an angel ascending to the attic.

Step-3: Find Out The Loose Steps:

After that, try to find the loose steps on the ladder. You can walk or place weight on the steps to find out which steps are loose. 

Step-4: Remove The Screws Or Nails And Check For Splinters Or Cracks

Locate the screws or nails that hold the loose step in place. Then use a screwdriver or the claw-end of a hammer to dispel the screws or nails that hold the loose steps of your attic ladder.

Again, check the step for splinters or cracks after it is removed. If you find any wood that is splintered or cracked, cut two by four to fit the dimensions of each step. 

Step-5: Screw The Attic Ladder Step:

Put wood screws into the ladder frame and screw the ladder step back on. Using wood glue before adding screws is wise because it adds additional security to the ladder step.

Then, place the step in the accurate position and use a level to find out whether it’s flat or not. After that, attach the frame to the step with three screws on both sides.

Step-6: Install Two Brackets Underneath The Step:

Now, make two small brackets from a 2-by-4 that correspond to the dimensions of the attic ladder frame and fit beneath each ladder step. Two wood screws per bracket should be used to install the brackets underneath the step.

Step- 7: Screw Through The Top Step:

There is no need to drill into the bracket, just screw through the top of the ladder step. With this extra step, you’ll be able to feel safer. So, to give your new step extra security, I would recommend you to complete this.

  • Experts’ Suggestion:

When cutting wood and removing nails, you need to be more careful. Wearing gloves and using glasses are mandatory during that time.

That’s it, we are done. By following these above 7 steps, you will be able to fix any broken attic ladder successfully.

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Things You Need To Fix A Broken Attic Ladder:

You will need a few things to fix your broken attic ladder. These things will help you to get the job done quickly and correctly. Below, I have made the list of those things:

  • Few Screws,
  • A Hammer,
  • A Screwdriver.
  • A Saw,
  • Few 2-by-4s.

You will get all of these things in the store to your house. Manage all these necessary things first and then follow my steps to completely repair your broken attic ladder.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Broken Attic Ladder?

Well, you can fix your broken attic ladder in two ways:

  1. Fix it by own,
  2. Fix it by a carpenter.

When you fix it on your own, then you don’t need to pay anything to anyone. Just require to purchase a few things that I already mentioned. And whenever you go to fix your broken attic ladder to a carpenter, you must pay them.

However, the carpenter’s charges vary according to the condition of the broken attic. In general, they charge between $100-$150 for fixing it. On the other hand, if you want to fix your attic yourself, just purchase the required thing and start your work. On average, all of those things will cost around only $50. Besides, you don’t need to buy them every time. 

In conclusion, fixing a broken ladder by itself is the better deal. But if you don’t have the proper time or are not interested in fixing it DIY, you can get help from a  carpenter.

How Long Does It Take To Fix A Broken Attic Ladder?

The time period mostly depends on your repairing skill and the condition of the broken attic ladder. If you are good at repairing and your attic is not damaged so severely, then half an hour is enough to fix everything correctly. But if a number of attic ladder steps are broken, and you’re average on repairing, it could take a couple of hours to finish the task.

4 Simple Steps To Repair An Attic Ladder Spring:

Here I show you the 4 simple steps that will help you to repair an attic ladder spring. This task requires assistance, so you should find someone who can help you. So, let’s started:

Step-1: Take Action According To The Spring Condition:

Ascend the attic stairs. Usually, your attic ladder’s springs look relaxed when placing the ladder next to a wall or a closet. If the springs’ conditions are deplorable, in that case, you should use a stepladder instead of your attic ladder.

Step-2: Tighten Up The Attachment

Then, make sure that spring brackets are attached to attic door frames at the door hinge. If your attachments are loose, use a screwdriver or wrench for tightening. You should use a screwdriver or wrench based on the attachment style of your attic ladder.

Step 3: Pull The Spring:

I recommend wearing work gloves before starting this step. Next, grab a spring from the middle Pull towards one of the ends of the spring.

Pull gently on the spring end with your partner while using a screwdriver to remove the spring’s hook from the ring it is attached to. In case both springs need replacing, follow these steps for each spring.

Step-4: Replace The Spring:

We are almost done. In the final step, you need to hook one end of the replacement springs into the bracket’s ring. Connect it to the folding metal arm by pulling the opposite end. Repeat the same thing for another side too. After a few times, you will find the attic ladder counterbalance again.

Last Few Words:

Using a broken attic ladder is very risky, so don’t use it without repairing it. Just follow my provided steps and do your repairs without any hassles. So, why are you waiting? Go, and fix your broken attic ladder!!

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