How To Install A Pool Ladder In Concrete? [The Easiest Way To Do It]

How To Install A Pool Ladder In Concrete

Who doesn’t love to sit on the pool ladder with both feet dipped in water? Every day during the bath, I sit on my pool ladder and enjoy the clean blue water of the pool. It’s giving me inner peace. However, for the last few days, I suffered a lot because I was forced to remove my pool ladder for some reason.

I didn’t face any major issues while removing it. But when I tried to install a pool ladder in concrete, I found that it’s so toilsome and time-consuming. Then after a few experiments, I invented the easiest way to install a pool ladder in concrete. And now I am going to share this way with you too:

5 Steps To Install A Pool Ladder In Concrete: The Easiest Way

Typically, installing a pool ladder in concrete is not a difficult job. By just following a few simple steps, you can quickly get the job done. To make it more simple, below I will show you the easiest 5 steps to install a pool ladder in concrete:

Step-1: Take The Accurate Measurement:

It is essential to pick the right ladder for your pool. So, first, learn how to measure accurately. However, you have to measure two measurements between the two ladder cups, and the second one is how far from the pool they are.

In my case, the inside distance between the two ladder cups is 20 inches, and they are 12 inches away from the pool. Let’s move on to the next step.

Step-2: Make Two Holes:

When you have the accurate measurement, then mark it in the concrete with a marker. Because there we are going to make holes in concrete. So, double-check that you select the best possible area of your pool to install the ladder and all of your measurements are correct. Anyway, then use a concrete breaker hammer drill to make two holes in your marking parts.

Step-3: Place The Ladder Cups Into The Holes:

After that, you need to place the two ladder cups into the two holes that you make into the previous steps. The ladder cups are put into the cement. Next, place the ladder wedges in each ladder cup. Turn the wedge counterclockwise until it lies flush against the ladder cup edge with your 1/2-inch socket.

Step-4: Move The Ladder Cups:

After that, make sure the ladder cup covers are out of the way by moving them up the railing. Put the ladder bumpers down in the pool by sliding them between the ladder rails, then insert the external ladder posts into the ladder cups by standing between them. Ensure that the exterior railings are securely in the cups by securing them back and forth.

Step-5: Tighten The Ladder:

Now, the ladder wedge bolts need to be tightened counter-clockwise with the wrench. You must spread the ladder cup covers down the exterior rails in order to cover the entire ladder cup.

Then to check the stability and the security of your ladder, wiggle it a few times. And that’s it. With that, you successfully install a new pool ladder in concrete.

  • Experts’ Suggestion:

If you use the previous cups to install a new ladder, clean it thoroughly and ensure that there is no dirt or debris inside it. It is wise to use ladder bumpers as railing covers at the bottom edges. As the ladder moves, the rubber covers protect the pool inside.

  • Bonus Attachment:

If you want to watch the complete video tutorial on installing a pull ladder in concrete, then click on this link.

Tools You Need To Install A Pool Ladder In Concrete:

Here, I make a list of those tools that you need to install a pool ladder in concrete:

  • A Hammer Drill,
  • Concrete Pool Ladder Cup (If You Want)
  • A Marker,
  • A Measurement Tape,
  • Few Nuts and Bolts,
  • A Wrench,
  • A 1/2-Inch Socket.

How To Remove A Pool Ladder From Concrete?

If you already have an installed pool ladder in concrete, then you need to remove it first. Only after that, you will be able to install a new pool ladder in concrete. So, it’s essential for you to know how to remove your old pool ladder from concrete.

However, removing a pool ladder from concrete is very simple. Whenever you remove a pool ladder from the concrete, you only need to remove the ladder cups and bolts. Just simply loosen them with the help of a wrench, and with that, it releases the ladder wedge. Then you can simply pull the old pool ladder out from the concrete.

Before removing the ladder, make sure that you drain the pool. It is ideal for replacing the pool ladder at the end of the beginning of a swimming season. And be careful when you do that because the area can be slippery because of pool water.

You can watch this YouTube tutorial to see how to remove a pool ladder from concrete.

The Cost To Install A New  Pool Ladder In Concrete: Full Budget Chart

Though the installation cost varies for a few factors such as pool ladder types, the price of ladders, and the others. So, it’s not possible to give you the exact cost, but the below table will assist you in getting a basic idea of how much does it cost to install a new pool ladder in concrete:

Requiring ToolsApproximate Cost
A 2-step Concrete Pool Ladder$150
Concrete Pool Ladder Cup$5
A Measurement Tape$5
Nuts and Bolts$8
A Wrench$5
A 1/2-Inch Socket$10
A Hammer Drill$30
A Marker$2

According to my budget, your approximate cost will be $215 to install a pool ladder in concrete. But if you have all the necessary tools, you just need to invest money on a concrete pool ladder.

How Much Time Do You Require To Install A Pool Ladder In Concrete?

Installing a pool ladder in concrete is a toilsome and time-consuming task. On average, you require a minimum of 1-2 hours to install a pool ladder in concrete.

Final Verdict:

I am very sure that my article will always be a  helpful guide for you whenever you install a pool ladder in concrete. Keep in mind that the above providing way is the easiest method to do it. So, try it and let me know your installing experiences.

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